Cylinder Refill

At Baker's Propane, You Always Get Your Fill

When you need a refill, we’re ready. Across 10 total locations in NW Ohio, NE Indiana, and Southern MI we fill your tanks to their designed 20-pound specifications. Other locations and exchange centers will only fill tanks with 15 pounds, leaving you with less than you want, and less cash in your pocket!
What We Offer
  • On-site, fast refills, so you don’t have to wait.
  • Free inspection to ensure your tank is safe.
  • Easy drive-up access.
  • We fill all cylinders by weight, and of all sizes.

If your tank is out of date, we can re-certify it for safe use. Should you want a new tank, we can help there, too! Just purchase a new one and we will dispose of your old cylinder free of charge! 

We fill all-sized propane tanks from forklift 33# tanks to 100# tanks! Plus we have the connection to fill propane powered vehicles and motorhomes.