What is Pre-Buy?

What is Pre-Buy?

Very good question, and one that we get a lot. Pre-Buy is a program that will allow you to pre-purchase all of your upcoming seasonal gas at a discounted rate.

How does this work?

We work directly with a local pipeline to negotiate a discounted rate on (X) amount of gallons purchased in the summer for heating season allocation. This allows us to offer you a definite price for you winter deliveries before the prices start to go up for the season. We then tally the gallons (X) from all of the signed contracts and purchase your gas (and storage at pipeline). The price you contracted is the price you pay (until contracted gallons used) during the heating season, regardless of market price at that time. 

What do I have to do?

To be enrolled into this program, a contract must be filled out and signed by both you and Baker's Propane.

There is no cost of enrollment into this program, just the price of fuel and tax. At the time of contract signing this payment is collected from you. Enrolling into the Pre-Buy program converts your account from a Will Call Account (you call us when you want a delivery) to a Keep Full Account (we schedule automatic deliveries based on usage and current temps). We do ask that any customer with less than 5 deliveries from us help keep track of tank % until we can gather enough usage information to accurately predict your tank %. 

When will you deliver?

Delivery tickets are populated when your tanks estimated % is at 40% or less. At this time, your delivery will be scheduled in the next 3-5 business days. Unless previously requested, we will not call you to announce our delivery, your delivery has already been paid for so there is no reason to contact you. This hands off system allows you to enjoy your propane appliances without the hassle of dealing with deliveries and scheduling. 


So whats stopping you?


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