What to do Right Now if you suspect Propane Leak

What to do Right Now if you suspect Propane Leak

How to detect a Propane Leak

The most common way you will detect a propane leak is smell. Although naturally propane is odorless manufactures add an additive called mercaptan so it can easily be detected. The smell is similar to rotten eggs or a skunks spray. 

First Things to Do

  • Immediately evacuate the building or area
  • Call your propane supplier and or 911
  • Turn off the gas if it is safe and you feel comfortable 

Things to NOT Do if you Suspect a Propane Leak

  • DO NOT turn on any appliances, or electronics 
  • DO NOT turn on/off any light switches
  • DO NOT light any kind of flame matches, lighter, or any spark
  • DO NOT attempt to fix or tamper with the tank or line 
  • DO NOT turn gas back on or return to the area until you are cleared to do so by authorities 

Baker's Propane Local Customers 

Please save our emergency phone number into your cell phone

Baker's Propane Emergency 24/7 Line: 866-748-9857

Signs your Tank may have a Leak

You smell Gas

Usage Spikes

Poor Performance 

Abnormal swarming of flies near leak location