Six Questions To Ask When Buying a Propane Home

Six Questions To Ask When Buying a Propane Home

If you are looking at purchasing a home with propane we were here to help make sure you ask all of the right questions!

1. What appliances or systems in the house use propane (e.g., heating, hot water, cooking), and are they in good working condition?

Some homes use propane for heat and all appliances and some only certain appliances. So essential to know what the propane is powering!

2. Who currently owns the propane tank, and what are the terms of ownership (e.g., leased or owned)?

It is important to confirm if the seller of the home intends to sell the propane tank with the house. If they own the tank they can do this and you would want to ask for the SN and proof of purchase of the tank. This allows you to use any propane supplier and ensure you do not pay rental fees. 

If they DO NOT own the tank confirm who they are leasing the tank from. Personally would suggest calling that propane supplier (hopefully Baker's Propane) and confirming the process should you buy the home to put the lease in your name. Keep in mind if you lease a tank you are required to fill it with that supplier. If you want to switch suppliers check out our blog post on tips to start that process!

3. Are there any additional costs associated with owning a propane system, such as rental fees for the tank or delivery charges?

This is closely related to the first question. If the homeowner is leasing the tank I would ask them to confirm any fees. Typically there would be an annual fee or potentially billed monthly depending on usage. (If no fee then they likely meet a usage requirement or in a contract)

4. How old is the propane tank, and when was it last inspected?

Propane tanks for residential use should be inspected regularly. However, a general guide is for an inspection every 10 years. This inspection should include a visual inspection as well as testing for leaks and other potential hazards. 

At Baker's Propane all new customers, we require a safety and leak test to be performed to ensure everything is in working order prior to filling your tank.

5. What is the capacity of the propane tank, and how often will it need to be refilled?

This sounds silly but the first question a propane company will ask you is what size your tank is. Likely it is going to be a 500-gallon tank but possibly a 330-gallon or 1,000-gallon tank. 

6. What is the cost of propane in the area and how does it compare to other heating options?

This will help you budget your approximate annual cost of propane. The prices do fluctuate with the market so keep that in mind.  Good to know upfront how many times a year you will be filling your tank! 

Call Baker's Propane

It's important to have a thorough understanding of the propane system and associated costs before making a decision to purchase a house with a propane tank. Consider consulting with a licensed propane supplier or technician for additional guidance and information.

Still, have questions?  Reach out to our team and we can help make sure you are informed as a new Propane Home Owner!