Purchase a Tank

Baker's Propane has tanks of all sizes for sale! Both brand new and refurbished tanks available in most size tanks.

  • 1,000 gallon
  • 500 gallon
  • 330 gallon
  • 250 gallon
  • 120 gallon

Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Lease a Tank

Looking for a new propane supplier? Look no further. Easy transition process. We will set our tank next to your current tank. When you get ready we will come out and switch over the tank to ours.

Fair prices, reliable delivery, no hidden fees. The only fee you will see from Baker's is if you do not use the minimum gallons for the size tank you are leasing.

We are accepting new customers year round. No- we don't have a crazy new customer deal. We give ALL our customers the best deal.