How do I become a Baker's Propane customer? It is simple just fill out this form. Or contact your local Baker's store. If I own my own tank will Baker's fill my tank? Yes, the first time we fill your tank we will have to do a leak test. We do not charge a fee it is for your safety and required by law. What should I expect during my first delivery? You will need to be home during the first delivery. If you can not be home someone over the age of 18 does need to be home. This is for your protection and safety. It will help us get acquainted with your property and do the proper leak test. What to Expect your FIRST Propane Delivery
Important Safety Information
I smell gas. What should I do? Baker's Propane values the safety of our customers and we are here to help:
  • Do NOT light any flames
  • Leave the area immediately!
  • Turn the propane hand wheel on the top of the tank off, if you can safely do so
  • Report the leak
  • Contact us when you are safely outside
  • Get your system checked- leak test is required by law after a leak
  • What does propane smell like? How will I know I have a leak? Propane in its natural state is odorless. As a safety precaution a chemical called Ethyl Mercaptan is added to the gas so that it can be detected easier. It is not harmful and smells similar to rotten eggs.
    I ran out of gas, now what? You need to call us right away and schedule a fill. If it is cold or you can not do without appliances you may need an emergency delivery. There is an extra charge but we will come that same day. We are required by law to conduct a leak check of your propane system before turning your gas back on. To avoid running out of gas check your percentage regularly. Another option is ask us about our automatic delivery options.

    Visit our Safety Page for more tips and information.
    Should I expect a delivery charge from Baker's? No Baker's does not charge a fee to deliver propane. If you need an emergency delivery or same day delivery there would be an extra charge.
    What fees does Baker's charge on delivery invoices? There are no fee's on a Baker's delivery. We charge you by the gallon and thats it. The only fee you would see is if you ran yourself out of gas or if you needed any emergency delivery. No hidden fees at Baker's Propane!
    What other fees do propane companies typically charge? You will see many companies charge delivery, hazmat, and fuel surcharge. This can be tricky if you select them based on price and do not consider the other fees on the bill.
    What size tank should I get? The recommended size of your tank is going to depend on the appliances and systems you're running with propane as well as the size of your home.
    How far does the tank need to be from my house?
  • 0-124 gallons there are no restrictions
  • 125-500 gallons- 10 feet from the house or any buildable property line
  • 501 -2000 - 25ft from the house or any buildable property line
  • Don't worry our service guys will make a recommendation for the best place to set the tank but do keep in mind the above guidelines before they come to set your tank.
    How do I tell when I am running low on propane? Reading the gauge is simple. You open the protective cap and locate the dial, if the needle is less than 30% it is time to call us to schedule your fill. To help alleviate some of the concern when you call in, ask about our keep fill program to see if it is a good fit for you.
    Why isn't my tank filled to 100%? Propane is stored and delivered in a liquid form and expands based on temperature. Due to expansion, tanks are never filled to capacity with propane. Typically your gauge will read 80-85 percent after a complete fill up.
    My tank just got filled why does it say 70%? The gauge on your tank is to help "gauge" or estimate the amount of gas in your tank. It can be off slightly based on temperature. Our drivers fill your tank and determine when it is full based on their liquid level gauge (spitter valve) installed in the tank. This is the only 100% accurate reading of when the tank is at 80%.
    How often to do propane prices change? The price of propane changes based on many uncontrollable factors. Including the price of crude oil and supply and demand. How can I budget for the variable pricing? We offer price protection programs and budgeting options for the winter months. You will want to give us your email so we can update you when those programs become available. When is the best time to get my tank filled? There is not a specific time of year that propane prices are guaranteed to be low. Typically the price is lower in the summer but that is not always true. Does Baker's offer bulk pricing? If you are using a large amount of gallons for grain drying or have a large storage tank please contact us for a quote.