Our Approach

Customers drive our business and that is why we do everything with the customer in mind. Baker’s Propane is dependable, affordable and safe. Baker’s Propane has over 50 delivery and service trucks on the road and technology to route them to keep up with our customers needs. Baker’s also picks up our propane directly from the refinery to keep your cost as low as possible. We are not new to the industry; in fact we have 80 years of experience in the industry. We operate efficiently so we can pass the savings on to you without cutting any quality. Most importantly our drivers and employees are continuously trained on propane safety. We make safety and service our priority and we hope you join the Baker’s Propane family of customers.

Our Story

Baker’s Propane has been family owned and operated since 1936. The same family has grown the business. Today Baker’s is a leader in the industry regionally. Fair prices, unprecedented service, and dedication to safe deliveries are what Baker’s Propane is known for. Thinking of switching suppliers? Ask someone with a light blue cap how our service and prices are. We sell and lease tanks and do accept new customers year round!

Who is Baker's?

The trucks you see on the road.

Tanks you see by the homes.

The prices you hear about on the radio.


Baker's Trucks

Full fleet of delivery and service trucks.

Over 50 trucks on the round servicing Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Our service area is expanding Click Here to find the location near you.


Baker's Tanks

Blue caps? Yes that's us!

We both sell and lease tanks! Call your local Baker's to discuss the best option for your situation.


Baker's Transport

We pick up and store propane regionally

We pick up and can deliver full transport loads. Contact us for a quote!

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